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4 Easy Bedroom Furniture Hacks To Create Space

A bedroom should be your very own sanctuary for resting and recharging; a peaceful haven for you to relax in at the end of your busy day. But what do you do when your bedroom is lacking in space? A small bedroom can cause a selection of decorating dilemmas all stemming from the limited size. It can risk feeling cluttered and cramped, which in turn can hinder how calm you feel, which isn't ideal for feeling comfortable in your downtime. However, there are plenty of tricks of the trade out there to assist in making the most of what you have got. So if you have a small bedroom or maybe a guest room you are looking to revitalise, here are our top four bedroom furniture hacks to make your room feel bigger, more spacious and homely.

Secret Storage



When looking at wasted floor space, the main culprit is indeed the bed. Rather than compromise on comfort with a smaller base, our experts recommend utilising the area by adding a bed with storage compartments. This is a subtle and sophisticated way to store your belongings while reducing the clutter in your room, which will make it feel more spacious. As beds with storage compartments gain popularity, there are now plenty of designs allowing you to get creative with your bedroom interior. We love this versatile grey Caren bed frame with 4 drawers ensuring that style is not compromised by practicality. If your room is extremely low on space, it is worth considering a divan bed base. We stock a selection of divans which can be built to accommodate the storage space you require. Divans are particularly useful if you need space to store items you do not use often. Overall, beds with storage are a convenient way to reduce the mess in your room and retain a clean aesthetic in the bedroom.


Lighten Up


Chamberry Double Wardrobe

We all know the brightening benefits of the colour white, so it makes sense to introduce this to the colour scheme of your bedroom. However, you do not need to paint your whole room this colour in order to feel the effects! It has long been a secret of interior designers to instead use hints of white as an accent colour. This works particularly well with white bedroom furniture. This fail-safe space enhancer will reflect the light and make everything feel larger and brighter. Whilst some colours can feel out of place during certain seasons, white is a timeless blank canvas you can decorate around to suit. Take this French-influenced Chambery range of bedroom furniture for example. The white wardrobe with drawers injects some crisp freshness into the room whilst also offering extra storage. At the same time, this white dressing table brings a clean and elegant feel - perfect for your boudoir!




Marseilles Dressing Table Mirror Urban Grey

A mirror is your best friend in the battle to create extra space! This versatile addition to your decor isn't just extremely practical for day to day use, it can open up space in your bedroom too. Place yours opposite a window for it to reflect the natural light, whilst also creating the illusion of an extra window. A mirror can also be strategically placed opposite a blank wall or area of the bedroom in order to reflect and emphasise light. This Marseilles dressing table mirror is an excellent way to reap reflective benefits whilst also having a beautiful piece of functional furniture.


Exposed Legs


Chambery Panel Bedstead

A trick of interior designers is to expose the furniture legs in a small bedroom in order to create a sense of air flow. This clever technique is so simple yet very effective. By literally giving the furniture a lift you can expose the floor underneath and walls behind which will create the illusion of extra space. This gives the room an open and airy feel and prevents the room from feeling ‘boxy’. The fantastic thing about this is that it can be applied to all bedroom furniture. An extra sense of height is added with this >Chambery white double bed frame which is complemented well by the matching white nightstand The lifted-up furniture is great for perceived extra space; just be sure to keep the areas underneath tidy. With these hacks, you are all set to refresh your bedroom and create a new sense of space and calm for you to relax in!

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