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5 Bedroom Tips For Better Sleep

Do you wish you were getting better sleep at night? Well, did you know in your bedroom lies lots of handy tricks to help you achieve the sleep you need and desire?
There’s a reason why hotels have such a calming effect which deliver a great night's sleep after all. Here we guide you through tricks of the trade to make your boudoir the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day:

1) Bedroom Furniture Arrangement

You don’t have to be an expert in Feng Shui to know that the way your bedroom furniture is arranged will influence your bedtime activity. By making your nighttime routine as easy as possible, you will be able to relax and fall asleep stress-free.

NCF Living Marseilles Bed Furniture

Achieve this by resisting the urge to have your bed by the window as the light disturbance will disrupt your slumber. Keep the path to your bed as clear as possible so you can drop into bed at the end of your long day. Splitting up your room into different areas is a great way to ensure your bed is only used for sleeping. Look how relaxing the Marseilles range looks thanks to the spacious arrangement and soft white colour scheme! If your room isn’t as spacious as this then don’t worry. You can read our guide to small bedroom hacks to make your room feel airier and more relaxed.

2) Mattress For Good Sleep

It may seem obvious, but a mattress is your best friend when you’re trying to get that all important night’s sleep. When was the last time you changed yours? If it was more than 7 years ago then now is definitely the time to treat yourself to a mattress. Listen to your body! If you are waking up in pain or aching through the night, it’s a sign that your mattress isn’t right for your needs. If you need a sturdier mattress, you should look to investing in a pocket spring mattress. Want a great night’s sleep every night? We recommend the caviar mattress! A combination of pocket spring, 70 mm memory foam and soft fabric, this bed is like sleeping on a cloud. Find out more about types of mattresses here.
                                                                                  NCF Living Pocket Spring MattressNCF Living Caviar Mattress 

3) Bedside Tables

Keep a set of bedside tables by your bed to create a calming symmetrical atmosphere. Reaching for a glass of water in the night will be easier, as well as having the option to store things that make you feel relaxed by your bed, such as photos of loved ones. Another great benefit of having a bedside table is the ability to store your phone, or anything else distracting, in the drawer throughout the night. This means it will not disturb you, giving you a full night’s sleep.

NCF Living Tuscany Wooden Bedside Table

We love the understated modern chic look of the Tuscany wooden bedside table, but why not browse our full bedside cabinet collection to see what suits your bedroom best?

4) Extra Bedroom Storage

A wise man once said “A tidy room means a tidy mind”... and then he went to his spotless room and got a full night’s sleep! Once you clear your mess you will feel the benefits beyond belief when slipping into bed at night. Your bed is the focus of the bedroom so why not take advantage of it by opting for under bed storage?

NCF Living  Louis Bed Frame

The subtle storage options of the Louis bed frame is great for keeping items out of the way so you can relax at night. We also stock an array of divan beds which are great for extra storage too.

5) Colour Scheme For Sleeping

Using calming colours will help you relax at night. Sure there’s no denying bold colours can be fun, but if you're looking for a great night's sleep then calm muted colours will be helpful to you. We recommend our Chamberry range, which comes in a crisp white colour and is sure to soothe! 


NCF Living Chamberry Range
There you have the secret tips to make your bedroom a sleep haven! Find out more about our range of bedroom furniture to transform your bedroom here.