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5 New Ways to Transform Your Garden This Summer

Got green fingers? Love to breathe in the fresh air with your morning coffee? No matter how you enjoy your garden, chances are you will be getting out in it a lot this summer - especially with staycations becoming the norm in 2020 and beyond. A lot of time and energy is spent redecorating our home interiors, giving them a new lease of life so that we can truly enjoy our times at home. But what about our exteriors? Your garden should not be overlooked in your renovations. These outdoor spaces, when used to their potential, can bring a lot of enjoyment to our home life. Investing in quality garden furniture is a great stepping stone towards transforming your space.

We’ve put together tried and tested ways to make outdoor furniture work in your own garden, transforming it into a horticultural haven that will level up your summer at home.


1. Work with the space you’ve got.

Whether your garden stretches further than the eye can see, or you have just a small yard to work with, there are ways that you can make your garden space, and your garden furniture, work for you. Our Paris 2 Seater Carver Bistro Set is a great way to bring comfort into a smaller area that will not overcrowd or take up too much space, whether it’s for dining in the fresh air, or just enjoying a coffee. When your garden is on the larger side and you have plenty of room for a larger set, don’t be afraid to fill the space. A small furniture set placed in a large open space can cause your garden to feel sparse and empty, whereas a set that fits well will feel more inviting. Think large day beds, statues or even a hammock to really make the most of your space.


2. Create a space for entertaining.

A warm summer season brings with it the chance to enjoy your garden not only throughout the day, but long into the evenings too. If you’re one for entertaining, whether for your parents or your peers, having a dedicated outdoor space to do so can help you make the most of the great weather when it arrives. Before deciding on what kind of furniture to fill this space with, you’ll want to define how you will be entertaining, and for how many. If food is your forte and you love to feed your guests, choose a dining set such as the Sorrento 6 Seater Set, proving to be practical for mealtimes as well as having the option of reclining when you want to let the food settle! You might, however, envision this space purely as a place to lounge, which is where furniture like the Fiji Lounging Set really comes into its own. 


3. Make space for relaxation.

Aside from entertaining, the garden is a wonderful place to get that all-important ‘me’ time. Creating space in your garden for relaxation can be just the thing it needs to make it feel like home and feel like your own. You might choose to do this in a shady corner hidden by trees, or where you can sit in the sun observing the view. Embrace your inner hippie and think about investing in a hammock - not only will you get to experience ultimate relaxation in one of these, but they will provide a talking point for your guests too! If a hammock isn’t quite your thing, a swing seat, such as our Sorrento Black 3 Seat Swing Hammock, will provide a bit more stability whilst still offering plenty of movement. To make it even more of a relaxing space, add a bird feeder or two and enjoy watching the wildlife that happens to drop by.


4. Find a focal point.

The design of your garden can really come together when you work around a central feature that you love. This starting point will help you decide where everything else will be placed, be it furniture or a vegetable patch! A focal point can be whatever you want it to be. Do you have a fountain feature that will really draw the eye? Or perhaps you’re planning on adding a firepit to your garden to really get the evenings roaring. Once you have chosen what you want as your focal point, choose it’s best placement. The centre of your garden, the decking or the patio - this is where the eye will be drawn, so pick a spot that you're proud of!


5. Add your extras.

Once you’ve optimised the area and you’re happy with the layout, it’s time to make it your own. There’s nothing quite like a string of fairy lights surrounding a seating area to really set the mood when the sun’s gone down. Solar powered lights, be it fairy, overhead or ground ones, are the perfect addition to any outdoor evening entertaining. During the day, if you like your garden blooming, having a good view of your floral handiwork will bring joy and satisfaction. Consider the addition of hanging baskets around your garden for a beautiful way to display your flowers. If your garden is on the smaller side, a mirror or two can give the illusion of space, making the area seem bigger.



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If you’re looking for garden furniture that will help you enjoy your summer at home, look no further than our outdoor furniture collection. With dining sets, lounging sets, swing seats and benches, there’s something to suit every home. Enjoy the full comfort of your garden in style this summer.