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5 Tips to Enhance Your Furniture

Have you decided to redecorate your apartment? Has your baby grown up and you want to adapt their room? Are you renovating your house and already thinking about the layout?

Decorative objects and furniture can be cleverly presented for any style, atmosphere, or space, making your dream become reality in just a few clicks. It’s not always easy to combine colours or furniture well, let alone organising a whole room!

NCF Living presents you 5 essentials tips to make your interior design harmonious, positive and relaxing. Large or small spaces, our tips will allow you to make the right choices for your layout and really highlight your furniture and home.


Here are 5 tips to enhance your furniture.


  1. Clear Space

If you cannot take a step without bumping into an armchair in the living room, grandmother's wardrobe in the bedroom or the bathtub in the bathroom, it could be because you have too much furniture, or that the items are simply not suited to your interior. No matter the size of your interior, you must be able to move around freely without any obstacles. Therefore, ask yourself if that half-filled shelf should stay or if those three attractive coffee tables are too much for your living room area. Most of the time, pieces of furniture tend to be kept out of pure sentimental attachment, but is it doing them any justice being stored in the garage or between storage units? To showcase your furniture, give it the space it deserves, and your interior will look more sophisticated. 


  1. The Light

Imagine yourself in your bedroom, lying on your bed for a nap, whilst the sun shines through your windows, warming the room. Isn't that comfortable? Brightness is essential in any interior, whether it is natural light, or artificial.  

Of course, it’s necessary to prioritise the biggest rooms, especially for living rooms, but we must not neglect the rest of the house/apartment. Organising your space and furniture to let the light shine in is always a plus! It’s preferable for your sofa to be next to the bay windows to enjoy the interior and exterior view, rather than your TV stand. If you don’t have much natural light in a particular room, we advise highlighting your rooms with bright colours and delicate lamps or fairy lights, to illuminate your space and make you feel more alive.



  1. The Decoration

Very soft plaids in bright colours, coral walls, cushions with tribal pattern designs, solid parquet flooring... you see, the decoration of the accessories is just as important as the style of a room and the furniture. Do not underestimate the power of decoration alone, it can make the ultimate difference! On the other hand, too much decoration or a mix of too many patterns and colours can make the room look too busy or heavy - it is important to find the right balance here.

Both furniture and accessories should be taken into consideration when trying to create visual harmony. For example, don’t set up a dark wood, black-legged dining table if you fancy a Scandinavian style room! Instead, play with contrasts and materials to highlight your furniture, even if it means not confining yourself purely to the decorative codes of an atmosphere.


  1. The Colours

Very pronounced in certain styles such as Pop Art or Art Deco, the colours are a concentrate of good mood and positive vibes in any interior space. Also used for small decorative touches, colour can bring life and give character to your home. A single painted wall can radically change the overall feel of a room, just as much as a coloured piece of furniture can become the central element to articulate the rest of the room. To showcase your furniture, dare to be bold but don’t overdo it, because as Voltaire says: “the best is the enemy of the good”.


  1. Mix and Match

Have fun decorating and furnishing your home playing around with different styles – for example, a mixture of industrial and vintage, with antique elements thrown in for good measure! Mismatched chairs, an old chest of drawers for a future washbasin cabinet, or an old trunk to store your children’s toys – they can all look brilliant in the right setting. Try combining different colours, materials and styles to design a layout worthy of an interior designer!