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6 Interior Hacks for Small Spaces

Good things come in small packages. But what if that small package is your home? A compact space doesn’t have to mean small time living. In fact, with a little bit of know-how and clever styling, a smaller living area can really open up and you will enjoy your cosy confines even more than you might have in a larger space. Read on to find out how with our top interior hacks for making the most of your small living space.


1. Maximise on Hidden Storage

If you see a potential for storage within your home - use it! In any small living area, empty space is often wasted space. And that’s not to say you should overcrowd it. Transforming your normal, everyday furniture into locations to tidy and tuck away is easier than you think. Investing in a bedframe with storage can be an easy way to do this in a crowded bedroom, providing a great spot for extra shoes or excess bedding. Even a raised bed leaves space underneath for storage boxes to hide away stray shoes, bedding and your seasonal clothing. 


2. Work the Magic of Mirrors

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - the benefits a mirror can have in your home are endless. Adding this reflective accessory to your walls can give the illusion of space and will help to open up a smaller room. Hang your mirror opposite a window to maximise your natural light source. This will flood the room with light, expanding its look and feel (and could even save you money on your electricity bill!)


3. Invest in Glass Furniture

Adding transparent furniture is not just a stylish option. Having clear pieces can trick the eye into thinking you have more space than you really do, whilst still providing you with practical surface space. If you’re worried that a coffee table may overcrowd your living room, adding a clear glass one will blend in effortlessly so that you still have a place to pop your morning cuppa. What's more, adding nesting tables can provide you with even more surface space that can be tidied away when not in use. 


4. Install Sliding Doors

Wardrobe doors taking up all your bedroom space? There’s nothing worse than having to squeeze around drawers and doors when you’re trying to get ready for the day ahead. And trying to open up a wardrobe when it’s hiding behind the clothes that haven’t quite made it into the laundry bin can prove to be a real pain. The solution? Invest in a wardrobe with sliding doors. This will provide you with all the same storage results without the need for opening space. And this hack is not only handy in the bedroom. Sliding door wardrobes can easily be repurposed elsewhere in your house, wherever you need a mitigator for mess.


5. Relax on a Feature Rug

Placing a large rug into a space that most of your furniture can be arranged on is a great way to create a more open feel, and will prove perfect for comforting tired toes or for your dog to relax on. A petite rug can cause a room to appear smaller than it is and can even make it feel cluttered. As an added bonus, if you’re working with hard flooring, a large rug will give the same warm, cosy feel that a carpet can do.


6. Make use of every inch of space

Take advantage of every last inch of storage space within your home - it might be the forgotten bathroom cabinet or the empty spot on top of your bookshelf - where there is a gap, there is potential to maximise it. A console table is a sleek way to provide surface space without protruding and, although usually found in the hallway, you can make use of one wherever the need arises.


With these simple tips, any small area within your home can be styled and lived in to its full potential. Take a look at our full range of home furniture for stylish solutions that will bring your home to life, no matter the size.