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6 Unbeatable Reasons to Invest in a Rug

Ever wondered what’s so great about rugs? They can comfort tired toes after a long day and bring warmth to a home throughout the winter months, but these portable carpets don’t only serve as a solution to hardfloor problems. Originating in the Eastern world, rug-making is a large part of the culture for some countries and can often be a way of expressing art and creativity, as seen especially in Persian carpets. Even in a fully carpeted home, the addition of a rug can bring many benefits, from their functionality to their artistry. Below, we’ve listed six reasons why investing in a rug is always a good idea.


Transform any room.

Often thought of as a “finishing touch” to a room, a rug is actually a really useful tool to begin your interior decorating, as it can give you a great colour palette to start from. Whether you’re renovating a new home or refreshing a space in your current one, starting with a well-chosen investment piece can go a long way towards creating the interior look that you love. 

You can use a rug to enhance your existing decor too. Whether in an entranceway, a living space or even your bedroom, if you feel there’s something missing, a rug might be your answer.

Switch up the seasons.

Much like its ability to add a colour scheme to your home, a rug can switch it up just as easily. Stuck on how to transition from summer to winter decor schemes? Bringing out the blankets and filling your home with candles might not be enough to take your space from bright and breezy to comfy cosy - but changing up your rug could be all the difference you need. A thin, light coloured rug is ideal for those summer months (our Balintore Carter is the perfect example), but you can swap it out with a chunkier, darker option for winter, like our Burford Serenity in silver. Having this choice of contrasting rugs is an investment that will keep your home feeling fresh through every season.

Burford Serenity

Burford Serenity (Silver)

Warm up your home.

Hardwood floors are a great choice for modern homes, thanks to their durability that stands the test of time. But when winter rolls around, taking your shoes off onto a cold hard floor is not always a nice welcome home. Adding rugs on top of your hard floors is a great way to tackle this. Not only do they serve a purpose for warming up your toes, but their ability to retain heat can help to warm up your home too, meaning you might save some pennies on your heating bill! 

Protect your floors.

House-proud? You’ll want to do whatever it takes to protect your furnishings and fixtures from damage, including your floors. A large rug can be an ideal way to do this. It can also be used as a cover-up for any imperfections that you haven’t got round to fixing. Not only can it prevent any damage to the floor itself, but a rug can provide vital protection if you have children too, giving a softer surface for play and those inevitable twists and tumbles.

Edderton Yara

Edderton Yara (Multi)

Reduces noise.

As well as keeping your floors protected, a rug can help to reduce the noise in your home. Whether it’s stilettoed heels or large boots coming in from a night on the town, noisy footsteps will be no stranger to you if you live in a house with any hard-flooring. This is greatly reduced when you add any carpet into the mix! But not only does a rug keep the noise from shoes at bay, a rug can also absorb sound from the atmosphere and provide noise reducing padding for your home.

Ground your furniture.

When properly placed, a rug can be used as an anchor in your room. It draws the furniture together to create a more together, more intimate space. If you have a range of seating options in your living area, adding a large rug into the space that all of them can sit on will really unify the space and bring the furniture together. With this in mind, make sure you avoid a small rug that might make the room look smaller or even cluttered. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to separate your dining space in an open plan room - adding a rug underneath your dining set up will help to define it’s zone and help it from feeling empty. 

Buy it because you love it.

With all of these points in mind, it’s important that when you choose to invest in a rug, you make sure that it is one you love. The beauty of these compact carpets is that you can take them with you wherever you choose to make your home. Take a look at our collection of quality rugs to find your own interior inspiration!