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The Benefits Of A Mirror In Any Room

“Mirror, Mirror on The Wall...” From fairytales to classic novels and pop songs, mirrors have always been a symbol of reflection and glamour. No longer just for the bathroom, the mirror has matured into a fundamental feature of interior design. But how else does a mirror transform a room? Beyond their original purpose, there are a number of ways that mirrors can benefit your home outside of the usual bathroom. Read on as we explore the many benefits that this reflective accessory can bring to any room in your home.

Find Your Space

A mirror can create the illusion of space. This technique is used in restaurants all over the world, with many eateries installing a whole wall of mirrors to make customers feel like they are walking into a space much larger than it actually is. The reflection of diners will make the atmosphere feel more full too. This design secret can easily be reproduced in the home. Placing a mirror in your lounge or dining room will instantly give the appearance of more space. A small, cramped room can benefit from this too and a mirror can often repurpose an awkward area. If your home has a narrow hallway, mirrors can help to broaden it - placing them side by side along the hallway will make it look less cramped. No window? No problem. A mirror is a great substitute in a room with no windows - it will open up the space and reflect any artificial light back into the room.

Let There Be Light

Opening up the light of a room is another major benefit a mirror can bring. A good amount of light within the home will lift the atmosphere, and a fantastic way to enhance your natural light is by reflecting it. Place a mirror near or opposite a window to reflect back into the room the natural light that is coming through - the larger the mirror, the greater the light! If you have a particularly dark spot in your home, place a mirror near to a lamp. Using mirrors to double your light source in the home is a great way of brightening up the atmosphere - and it can decrease your electricity costs too!

The Centre of Attention

A statement mirror can make for a wonderful centrepiece in a reception room. A roaring fireplace or a striking mantlepiece are both eye-catching living room features, but if you don’t have one yourself, a mirror can be an ideal alternative. The placement of the mirror allows you to choose a focal point for the room. Arrange your furniture around it and create a talking point. An alternative to one statement mirror? A wall of mirrors! Much like a gallery wall, a group of mirrors will not only be practical, but will also be a stunning design feature in the room too.

Pause For Reflection

The original purpose of the mirror is, of course, still the most important, but this should not be restricted to the bedroom or bathroom. A well-placed mirror throughout your home can prove handy when you might need to check your own reflection. In your dining room, it can set the tone for you and your dinner guests, reflecting candlelight, adding to the ambience - and not to mention giving you the ability to quickly check for any food in your teeth after enjoying a meal! Place a mirror in an entranceway as a useful way of checking your appearance before you leave the house for that special date night or all-important interview.

The Little Extras

Apart from interior design and practicality, there are a few more ways that mirrors can be put to use in the home. If you have imperfections on a wall or two but no time to fix them, a mirror can provide a useful cover up. Hide away tiny cracks or flecks of paint, and conceal those nightmare stains or watermarks with a beautiful reflective surface. And let's not forget how handy mirrors can be for when you need eyes in the back of your head! In the kitchen, use a mirror to keep an eye on the kids while you're cooking, without the need to constantly turn away from what you are doing. You can even place a mirror in your garden to expand the horizon in an enclosed space or to create the illusion of more greenery.

Find your perfect solution

At NCF Living, we have a fantastic range of mirrors that are all shapes and sizes. From full-length dress mirrors perfect for the bedroom, to stylish hexagonal pieces that will make a stunning centrepiece in the living room. Discover new design pieces that will fast become favourites for your home, and enjoy what a well placed mirror can bring to your living space!