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Top Coffee Table Styling Ideas

Do you lust after beautiful coffee table designs in glossy interior design magazines? If only these looks could be as easily achieved in day to day life...

Don’t worry, we get it. We're here to help armed with our handpicked expert tips. Follow our tips to achieve the right balance of practicality and style in your coffee table designs.

There is no denying your coffee table is an integral piece of your living room. After all, when people first enter your home this will be one of the first areas to catch their eye.

Two Tiered Oak Coffee Table

Woburn Tiered Oak Coffee Table

Using either a glass top coffee table or a tiered oak coffee table is a great way to add a sense of unity to the room. Both these forms create a sense of space in the room rather than a combination of mismatched bulky items. The exposed sides are great for creating the illusion of creating more space and making the room visually lighter.. If you are going to display accessories on the surface you will benefit from the open bottom which will not act as a distraction. Be careful not to put too much in the underneath of the table, however, as this will create a constricted feel.

Coffee Table with Drawers

Tuscany Dark Oak Coffee Table

The size of the items you incorporate into the display is very important in coffee table styling. The items should weigh enough visually so they don’t get lost in the living room. They also shouldn't be so large that they throw the functionality of the table into disarray. You will still want to be able to have space to put down your drink, remote control and book, after all! Opting for a table with drawers will give added storage so you can display that which matters most to you. This dark oak Tuscany coffee table is a brilliant backdrop for presenting your belongings in a subtle but effective manner. Added drawers mean that storage is enhanced and easily accessible.

Statement Coffee Table

Camborne Contemporary Coffee Table
Make a statement with a solid oak coffee table! The tapered legs and the striking contrast of the oak on this minimalist coffee table bring a touch of artistic simplicity to any room. Perfect to relax in and to start a conversation! Resist the urge to overcrowd the display with items as this will distract from the style of the table. Streamline your interior by opting for a minimalist coffee table when other furniture is heavy.

White Coffee Table

Marseilles White Coffee Table
Have you got white furniture? Then a white coffee table to match will pull the whole room together. Bring a sense of unity and comfort to your home by using block colours. White is a great colour for making the room feel large airy, and fresh.

Whichever coffee table you choose, compliment it with a few books and some flowers for a polished finish. This is a foolproof simple display which will be sure to impress any guests. There’s a reason why this is the go-to trick of interior designers globally!

With your coffee table styling tips and tricks, why not browse our whole range of coffee tables?

Your next living room centrepiece awaits you!