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Working from Home: Optimise Your Space for Productivity

Having a set office space within the home can be highly advantageous for any business worker. Whether you are self-employed or working remotely, being able to work from your home holds many benefits, from cutting out the commute, to having full control over your working day. However, productivity levels at home can often ebb and flow. If your productivity and motivation seem to often be quite low, it’s a good idea to assess your overall working space and atmosphere - there are many ways that it can be optimised to ensure greater productivity. Take a look below for our top pointers.

Keep your spaces separate

Your home holds potential for distractions almost everywhere. Whether it's that new TV show your kids are watching in the living room or your kitchen cupboards full of tempting snacks, the chances of getting side-tracked by your home comforts are extremely high. This is why it is vital that you have a clearly defined working area separate from your living space. Ideally, this work space should be a separate room which serves as a dedicated office, but if that is not possible in your home, an area sectioned off will work well too. When considering the space, be aware of noise levels, especially if others are present in the home while you are working, and find a space where you know you are least likely to become distracted.

Keep your lights on

If you work at a screen for most of the day, lighting needs to be a big consideration. The wrong lighting in your office environment can lead to headaches, eyestrain and other vision symptoms. Maximise the natural light that you let into the room - this might be through keeping the curtains fully open or opening a door. If natural light is not accessible where you are situated, consider adding more lighting to your space with lamps and switch out your bulbs for white lights which will replicate natural light too. 

Keep the air flowing

There are things in your office atmosphere that you don’t necessarily see, but that have a big impact on your ability to focus and your overall health. Fresh air is a big contributor to helping you focus, so have a window open and let fresh air flow into your home office throughout the day. Another way to improve the air quality is with plants and greenery - not only do they improve air quality, but they can affect us mentally too. Studies have shown that even the smallest engagement with nature can positively affect our mood and productivity. If you have views of trees and shrubs, turn your desk towards the window. If this is not possible, add some potted plants to your desk or place them within your field of vision.

Keep clutter at bay

Once you have a dedicated space for working, it is of great importance to keep it tidy. There will likely be times during your working hours that your mind feels full and mentally cluttered. This brings even more importance to keeping your working area uncluttered. If the working atmosphere around you is cluttered, this can negatively affect you mentally, thus contributing to a drop in productivity. The simplest way to keep tidy and organised is to assign a place for everything you need on your desk, and make sure it goes back there when you are finished with it. Investing in an effective storage system will ensure you are able to find exactly what you need when you need it - this will greatly aid the efficiency of your work. Our storage solutions, such as the Bergen Wide Sideboard or Turin Open Shelf Unit can be easily incorporated into your home office space to provide you with a brilliant storage solution and keep the space tidy.

Keep your posture perfect

We all know how an aching back can wreak havoc with your day. Out of the many things you can do to ensure long-lasting comfort in your office space, investing in quality, ergonomic furniture plays a vital role. Both your desk and your chair should be the correct height for your posture and eye level. Every person is different, but if you work at a computer screen, the top of the monitor should be at eye level - with your eyes around 30 inches from the screen. Feet should rest on the floor, and a slightly reclined posture is best for your chair, to reduce pressure on your spine and minimize lower back pain. Invest in a quality desk that fits all of your needs, along with a supportive chair that is the right size for you. Many of the chairs we stock can also be used in your home office, such as our Ellis chair which is practical, supportive and comfortable.

Keep your mind focussed

Once your space and atmosphere are at their optimum for productivity, the only thing left to do is look after your mind and body to ensure you stay focused and healthy. Keeping water on your desk will encourage you to stay hydrated - aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. This gives you the excuse to break away to the kitchen and take your eyes off the screen. Taking regular breaks every couple of hours will keep your body active and engaged too. Ensure your workspace is cleared at the end of each working day so that when you return in the morning, you’re ready to go from the moment you sit down. 


Incorporating all of these things into your home office space will help your working environment to be one that you enjoy, and from the busy days to the quiet days, a great home office will ensure your productivity stays higher for longer.