Belgrave Ext Table 1400/1800

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Introducing the Belgrave Extending Dining Table, a beautifully crafted piece that combines timeless elegance with sustainable practices. As part of our Reclaimed Collection, this table is produced from fully recycled and ethically sourced reclaimed timber, certified under the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) recycled scheme. With its extendable design, it provides the perfect solution for both intimate family dinners and larger gatherings, making it a versatile addition to any dining space.

Key Features:

  • Ethically Sourced Reclaimed Timber: Made from fully recycled wood, the Belgrave Extending Dining Table is an eco-friendly choice that supports sustainable forestry practices.
  • Certified Under FSC Recycled Scheme: The timber used in this table is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, ensuring it meets stringent environmental and social standards.
  • Extendable Design: The table extends from 140 cm to 180 cm, offering flexibility to accommodate more guests and adapt to your dining needs.
  • Timeless Elegance: The rustic charm of the reclaimed timber, combined with its elegant design, makes this table a focal point in any dining room, complementing various interior styles.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Built to last, the Belgrave Extending Dining Table provides a solid and reliable surface for dining and entertaining.

Why Choose the Belgrave Extending Dining Table?

The Belgrave Extending Dining Table is more than just a dining table; it’s a statement of your commitment to sustainability and responsible living. Its high-quality reclaimed timber ensures each table is unique, with natural variations that add character and charm to your space. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal with family, this table adapts to your needs while adding a touch of rustic elegance to your decor.

Enhance your dining experience with the Belgrave Extending Dining Table and enjoy the perfect combination of timeless design, durable construction, and ethical sourcing. Make a choice that reflects your values and brings beauty and functionality to your home.


  • Length: 140 cm (extends to 180 cm)
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Height: 77.5 cm

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