4 Seater Sofas

Our 4 Seater Sofas are the perfect size for snuggling up or sprawling out - it's up to you. 

Available in soft fabric or luxurious velvet, we have a selection of stylish and affordable sofas with generous proportions, ready to compliment your living space. 

4 Seater Sofa Buyer's Guide

All you need to know about NCF 4 seater sofas


The 4 seater sofa is a central piece in any living room, offering ample seating and unmatched comfort. Ideal for larger families or those who love entertaining, a sofa 4 seater provides both functionality and style, making it an essential element in your home.

Types of 4 Seater Sofas We Offer

Our collection encompasses a variety of 4 seater sofas. This includes the luxurious 4 seater leather sofa, known for its durability and elegance, and the modern 4 seater recliner sofa, perfect for those seeking comfort and convenience. For those looking for affordability without compromising on quality, our range of cheap 4 seater sofas is ideal.

Elegant Fabric, Velvet, and Leather 4 Seater Sofas

We offer 4 seater sofas in several materials to suit every taste. Our 4 seater fabric sofa options are popular for their versatility and comfort, while our velvet 4 seater sofas add a touch of luxury to any room. For a more classic and refined look, our leather 4 seater sofas are the perfect choice.

Modern Recliner 4 Seater Sofas

Our 4 seater recliner sofas combine spacious comfort with advanced functionality. These sofas are designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience, with easy-to-use reclining features that make them a favorite in any household.

Lifetime Guarantee on 4 Seater Sofa Frame

Quality is a cornerstone of our brand, and we demonstrate this commitment by offering a lifetime guarantee on the sofa frame of all our 4 seater sofas, including the 4 seater leather sofas and 4 seater fabric sofa models. This guarantee ensures that your investment in our furniture is protected for years to come.