A sideboard unit is one of the most stylish, versatile pieces of furniture. Traditionally found in the dining room this accent piece is great for storage and also to display treasured ornaments. NCF have both modern and contemporary sideboards in our varied collection, so were sure we can find your perfect match.

Sideboard Buyer's Guide

All you need to know about NCF sideboards


The sideboard is a versatile piece of furniture that enhances comfort and organization in your home. Perfect for any room, a well-chosen sideboard can transform your living space with both style and functionality.

Types of Sideboards We Offer

Our collection spans a diverse range of sideboards, ensuring we cater to every taste and space. From the elegance of an oak sideboard to the sleek design of a black sideboard, and from the practicality of a small sideboard to the grandeur of a large sideboard, our selection is unparalleled.

Elegant Wooden Sideboards

Our wooden sideboards are a testament to timeless craftsmanship, offering a blend of classic style and robust functionality. These pieces are ideal for those who appreciate natural beauty and durability in furniture.

Stylish Oak Sideboards

The oak sideboard in our range stands out for its sturdiness and rich texture. These pieces bring a sophisticated and natural look to any room, making them a favorite among discerning homeowners.

Compact Small Sideboards for Smaller Spaces

For those with limited space, our small sideboards are a perfect fit. They offer ample storage while taking up minimal room, ideal for enhancing smaller living areas or apartments.

Spacious Large Sideboards for Expansive Areas

Our large sideboards are designed for homes with more generous spaces. They provide extensive storage and surface area, perfect for keeping larger rooms organized and stylish.

Functional Kitchen Sideboards

The kitchen sideboard selection is designed for versatility and ease. These pieces add essential storage and worktop space to your kitchen, combining practicality with style.

Modern Color Options – White, Black, Grey

We offer sideboards in contemporary color choices, including white sideboard, black sideboard, and grey sideboard options, available in various finishes like white gloss sideboard and matte textures to suit your decor style.

12-Month Warranty

All our products, from the space-saving sideboard cabinet to the elegant sideboard UK range, are backed by a 12-month warranty, ensuring your investment is protected and you enjoy peace of mind.