Henderson Collection

Discover the unmatched rustic charm of The Henderson Collection, where each piece is not merely furniture, but a unique work of art. This exquisite range features handcrafted marquetry tops made from rustic American white oak solid timbers and veneers, showcasing the intensified natural characteristics of rustic oak wood. Each pattern top in The Henderson Collection undergoes a meticulous process of wire brushing and distressing. This treatment accentuates the beauty and varied grain of the wood, highlighting natural features like knots, mineral streaks, grain cracks, distortions, pinholes, sapwood, and colour variations.

The Henderson Collection Buyer’s Guide

The Henderson Collection - Artisan Craftsmanship Meets Rustic Beauty

Welcome to The Henderson Collection Buyer’s Guide, a journey into the heart of artisan craftsmanship and rustic beauty. This collection celebrates the unparalleled charm of rustic American white oak, with each piece standing as a unique work of art. From handcrafted marquetry tops to the natural, intensified characteristics of the wood, The Henderson Collection brings a piece of nature's artistry into your living space. Each item is not just furniture but a narrative of rustic elegance, crafted to add warmth and character to your home.

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