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Discover glorious relaxation with our Powered Recliner Sofas - with a wide range of styles, colours and sizes available in both fabric and leather, you're sure to find your perfect match


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NCF Living - Recliner Sofas Buyer's Guide

Explore the World of Cozy Recliner Sofas!

Welcome to our exciting range of sofas! They're not just any sofas; they're super special because they can recline, which means you can lean back and relax like you're in a super comfy chair. We have all sorts of styles that are perfect for every home.

Pick Your Favourite Colour and Material

Want a sofa that looks awesome? Our recliner sofas come in lots of cool colours. You can choose a classic black or grey sofa recliner, or go for something bright like blue or green. They're made from really nice materials, like soft fabric for snuggling or strong leather for a fancy look.

Just the Right Size for Your Room

Our sofas fit anywhere! If you have a small room, our 2 seater recliner sofa is just perfect. For bigger rooms, check out our 3 seater recliner sofa or large corner recliner sofa. It's like a super sofa that can fit lots of people and is great for having fun with friends or family.

Cool Sofas with Amazing Features

Some of our sofas are electric recliner sofas. That means they can move and recline with just a button press – it's like magic! We also have manual recliner sofas if you like to move things yourself. These sofas have neat things like places to charge your phone and even warm seats!

Perfect for Your Home and Fun Times

Our sofas are great for watching movies or reading. Imagine sitting on a comfy fabric recliner sofa with your favourite book. Or, if you love games, our recliner corner sofa is a great place to play. We also have cool accessories like TV stands and coffee tables to make your room even better.

Sofas That Last Long

We want you to enjoy your sofas for a really long time. So, we give you tips on how to take care of them. Whether you choose a two seater recliner sofa or a bigger one, we'll help you keep it awesome.

Your Adventure with Comfy Sofas Starts Here!

Ready for a super comfortable sofa? Come check out our recliner sofas and find the one that's just right for you. We can't wait to show you how cool and comfy they are!