Recliner Sofas Buyer’s Guide

If you're seeking ultimate relaxation, explore our collection of recliner sofas. Ideal for unwinding, our manual recliners let you kick back effortlessly, while our power recliners offer precise comfort at the touch of a button. Discover your perfect fit in our array of designs, shapes, and cozy options.

Why choose a recliner?

We believe when choosing a new sofa comfort shouldn’t be compromised. There’s not only the size, style and colour to consider, there are other optional extras such as recliners available to help you achieve your perfect space. Recliner Sofas and Armchairs are often considered to be the epitome of luxury as they contain mechanisms which allow you to adjust your seating position to find the optimum position for comfort and relaxation. They change the seat position by lowering the back of the seat and raising your legs, sometimes having extra leg support opening and a headrest adjusting. Here at ncf living we believe relaxing in your home should be as easy as possible with most of our recliners being powered recliners allowing you to smoothly transition elements of the seat at the touch of a button.

Why NCF recliner sofas are the best

We understand that everybody is different, so we offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and styles from modern, sleek, leather recliners to plush and cosy fabric corners with extra lumbar support and arm pads. We would like you to find the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation which is why we offer a range of different styles and sizes, from recliner armchairs for that cosy corner you’d love to relax in, to a recliner corner sofa large enough to accommodate all the family. Need something in between – no problem we have a number of 2 seater recliner sofas and 3 seater recliner sofas. The choice is yours.

The vast majority of our Recliner Sofas are fully equipped with power recliners operated at the touch of a button to enable the smooth transition into the recline position with add extras such as USB charging ports and power headrests.

Choosing your recliner sofa

Size & Measuring

The first thing to consider once you have decided to add the luxury of a recliner to your home is size. Not only should you measure to see if the sofa will fit into your space but also how you would get it into the space. Some sofas can be partially dismantled to help with moving them however if the one you choose does not there are things to consider and measure;

• Can you get it into the house through the door?
• Is the hall wide enough?
• Will it go round the corner?

With a recliner you need to consider the overall space it will take up in the room in both a standard seating position as well as when full reclined.

• Is there enough space in the room to accommodate a large piece of furniture.
• Is there going to be space around it to move when fully reclined and will there be enough space if you choose one that requires space behind it to be able to recline. (up to 6 inches on some models)

Some of our corner sofa units are modular which means they are easier to put into position and take into your home and you can also set the configuration as you like it – even leaving out a section if you so wish but don’t forget this section will need storing.

Fabric or Leather?

The choice is yours – whether you prefer the cosy world of textures or the sleek luxury of leather we offer a range of reclining sofas in both leather and fabric in a wide range of colours from neutral tones to pops of colour. All of our sofas are upholstered in durable fabrics that will stand the test of time.


Why should I consider a recliner sofa?
In our opinion there is nothing more relaxing than sinking into a comfortable sofa and taking the weight of the world off your feet. Everybody has their own individual tastes and requirements which is why we offer a wide range of recliner and static sofas.

Do they use a lot of electric?
Our power recliners all use mains electricity and are required to be plugged into a power source for them to operate. The cost of this is highly dependent on the usage of the recliner, for example if it is left switched on and in standby mode when not in use and when in use the position is constantly adjusted this will cost significantly more than being switched off at the wall when not in use and settling into your perfect position. The average power recliner will use between 100 – 300 watts of electricity at a cost of around 10p a day. - not an issue with manual recliners.

Which is better fabric or leather?
Everybody’s tastes are different which is why we offer both fabric and leather options. Our sofas are upholstered in tough durable fabrics which are able to withstand the rigours of daily life and moving components. The choice is yours with as many options as we can offer.

Are recliner sofas for specific people?
Recliners are often seen as a luxury item and have benefits to all ages and fitness levels as they help you to find a more comfortable seating position or even napping position.

What is the warranty on a recliner?
All of our sofas come with a standard 12month manufacturer’s warranty – this does not cover normal levels of wear and tear. There is the option of purchasing additional cover for your sofa provided by Staingard. (Only available in store)