Candice 6-8 Seater Extending Dining Table

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Elevate your dining experience to a whole new level of sophistication with the Candice 6-8 Seater Extendable Dining Table. This exquisite piece of furniture is a true masterpiece, designed to redefine the way you dine and entertain in your home.

The table features a captivating combination of solid framed oak veneer panel table tops in a weathered finish, accentuated by striking solid brass inlays. This unique design is complemented by the "peppercorn" finished solid ash "A" frame legs, which lend the table a distinctly contemporary edge.

The wire-brushed veneers on the Candice weathered oak dining table add a delightful texture and depth to its surface, making it a stunning focal point in any dining room. Its large top offers ample space for happy hours spent with family and friends, ensuring that every meal becomes a special occasion.

But the Candice range doesn't end with the dining table. Explore our full range to complete the look of your living and dining room, creating a cohesive and stylish atmosphere throughout your home. Whether you're in search of additional pieces or simply aiming to enhance your existing decor, the Candice range offers a variety of options tailored to your needs.


Height: 75.9 cm

Width: 220cm / 265cm extended

Depth: 99 cm

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