Cora Plain Headboard

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Size: 3' Single
Colour: Meadow Grey

Lead time of approx. 2 to 3 weeks

Immerse yourself in the epitome of modern elegance with our floor-standing headboard that transcends traditional design boundaries. Featuring a meticulously smooth padded design, this eye-catching masterpiece serves as the perfect finishing touch to elevate your space.

Customise your experience by choosing from a selection of 5 distinct colour options, allowing you to tailor the headboard to your unique style and preferences. More than just a headboard, it's a statement of contemporary sophistication that transforms your bedroom into a haven of modern design.

As part of the Meadow range, this headboard is upholstered in fabric crafted from yarn derived from recycled PET plastic bottles. Comprising 100% polyester, this innovative fabric blends technological advances with a commitment to waste reduction. Each linear meter of fabric utilises 820g of recycled plastic, contributing to environmental sustainability.

The Meadow range, including this headboard, is OEKO-TEX certified to STANDARD 1OO, ensuring that it meets stringent environmental and safety standards. Additionally, it holds the Control Union's Scope Certificate for Global Recycled Standard (GRS), reflecting a dedication to global recycling practices.

By choosing the Meadow range, you actively participate in the fight against plastic pollution, safeguarding our oceans, marine life, and the environment. Rest easy knowing that every detail has been considered for both your comfort and the planet.

Embrace contemporary luxury with a conscience – where style meets sustainability. All timber used in this headboard is FSC Certified, underscoring our commitment to responsible and ethical sourcing practices. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetic allure and environmental responsibility with the Meadow floor-standing headboard.  

Height: 138cm

This item is a special order product. Please refer to clause 9.7 of our terms and conditions for further information. 

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