Henderson 4 Seater Circular Dining Table

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Step into the world of modernized retro elegance with the Henderson 4 Seater Circular Dining Table. Featuring striking patterns of saw-cut rustic oak tops, each uniquely handcrafted to perfection. The handcrafted pattern tops undergo a meticulous process of wire brushing and distressing, creating a rustic look and a tactile feel that accentuates the beauty and varied grain of the wood.

The soft, barrel-shaped table top rests gracefully on a contrasting welded black powder-coated metal base, adding a touch of contemporary flair. The marquetry tops, crafted from rustic American white oak solid timbers and veneers, showcase the intensified natural characteristics of rustic oak wood. Knots, mineral streaks, grain cracks, distortions, pinholes, sapwood, and color variation are all part of the artistry, reflecting the unique beauty of each piece.

Embracing the natural feel, the wood exhibits saw marks from the cutting of the lumber, giving each top its distinctive characteristics. The growth of the tree, with exclusive grain patterns around the branches and mineral pits inspired by nature, adds to the individuality of each piece. The hand-laid marquetry tops create joints that expose the authentic end grains of the wood, emphasizing the craftsmanship.

It's essential to handle these handcrafted tops with care, avoiding exposure to moisture. Trivets or mats are recommended when placing items on the table that could condense on the surface. Any moisture or spills should be promptly cleaned with a clean, soft cloth until completely dry. Use a soft brush to remove foreign particles from the joints.

With proper care, the Henderson range proves to be a sound investment, adding timeless beauty to your home.


Height  75cm
Width 125cm
Depth 125cm

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