Albany Swivel Dining Chair Faux Leather

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Colour: Brown

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Introducing the Albany Swivel Faux Leather Dining Chair, available in two colours to infuse both fun and practicality into any dining space. The seat unit and back pad are tastefully quilted with piping detail, creating an eye-catching design that adds a touch of sophistication.

Designed for comfort, the slight curve on the sides of the seat pad ensures a comfortable sit while allowing for secure movement of the chair. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely meal or engaging in lively conversation, these chairs provide both style and ease of use.

Practicality takes center stage with the Albany Swivel Dining Chair. The upholstery is not only visually appealing but also water-resistant, offering resilience against spills. Additionally, the easy-to-clean design ensures that maintenance is a breeze, making these chairs a convenient and stylish choice for any dining setting.

With the Albany Swivel Faux Leather Dining Chair, you're not just investing in seating; you're adding a dynamic and functional element to your dining experience, combining style and practicality in one elegant package.

These chairs are sold in pairs


Height: 87cm

Width: 45cm

Depth: 59cm

Seat Depth: 47cm

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