Candice Lamp Table

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Candice showcases a visually striking blend of design elements, featuring solid framed oak veneer panel table tops and cabinet facias with a weathered finish, elegantly adorned with eye-catching solid brass inlays. This distinctive aesthetic is beautifully complemented by the "peppercorn" finished solid ash "A" frame legs and wire brushed oak veneered surrounds, which together give the collection a pronounced contemporary edge.

The Candice Weather Oak & Peppercorn Lamp Table is a testament to this blend of sophistication and modern style. It serves as a fashionable addition to your interior, creating a sophisticated yet trendy ambiance. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this lamp table is highly functional, offering a perfect spot for showcasing a lamp, houseplant, or any other cherished household item. Additionally, the table features an integrated shelf, providing additional storage potential for your convenience.

With its attention to detail, elegant design, and practicality, the Candice Weather Oak & Peppercorn Lamp Table enhances the overall appeal of your living space while offering functionality and storage solutions to meet your needs. It's a versatile piece that seamlessly complements the Candice collection's commitment to combining style and utility.


Height: 55cm

Width: 45cm

Depth: 45cm


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