Chalfront Ortho Mattress

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Size: Single

Introducing the Chalfront Ortho Mattress, the epitome of comfort and luxury. 

This extraordinary mattress consists of:

  • 12.5 Gauge Bonnell Sprung: Ensures robust support and longevity with a traditional spring system.
  • 6 Gauge Side Frame: Provides reinforced edge support, preventing sagging and maintaining mattress shape.
  • High Loft Micro Quilted Cover: Features a luxurious, eco-friendly knitted fabric that adds plush comfort.
  • Irritation-Free: Specially designed for sensitive skin, offering a gentle and irritation-free sleeping experience.
  • Luxury Layer of Fillings: Enhances comfort with an extra layer of premium fillings.
  • Micro Quilted for Better Support: Offers consistent support across the mattress surface.
  • Dual Sided Mattress: Can be flipped for extended durability and comfort.
  • 11 Inches Depth: Generous mattress depth for a more substantial and supportive feel.
  • Medium-Firm Firmness: Balances comfort and support, ideal for various sleeping positions.

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