Marilyn Open Display Unit

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The Marilyn Open Display Unit artfully blends classic and contemporary styling, resulting in a timeless statement piece that can elevate any home's decor. Comprising lozenge-shaped forms, this unit embraces current design trends with its organic and flowing designs, instilling a sense of serenity through its gentle curves and softened edges.

The unit's aesthetic charm is further accentuated by the saw-cut ash chevron pattern adorning the display area, elegantly finished in a fresh silver grey hue. This captivating pattern harmonizes with matching turned tapering legs, contributing to the overall sophistication of the piece.

Tambour doors introduce texture and visual interest to the open display unit, while quality details such as soft-closing runners underscore the craftsmanship and refinement characteristic of the Marilyn collection.

The Marilyn Open Display Unit offers both a functional and stylish solution for showcasing your cherished items with a touch of elegance and impeccable design.


Height: 198cm

Width: 103cm

Depth: 39cm

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